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The Springhill Heritage Group brings in speakers fairly regularly to tells stories of our community and our people. Have a story to tell? Is there a particular story that you’d like to hear? Wondering when the next event is happening? 

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Sylvia MacDonald, Mine Nurse, date uncertain
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               Moments in Springhill History

Immigration was essential to Canada’s development – and Springhill had no shortage of new arrivals through the course of its history. Some of our older residents may remember the Springhill Candy Kitchen and its proprietor, James “Jimmy” Demetre, an immigrant from Greece whose impact on our town left a lasting impression.

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She was a trailblazer for women and a tireless volunteer dedicated to her hometown. A woman of the new century of 1900, Isabel Conway (Murray) Simpson earned her education in nursing and became a dedicated teacher, administrator and committed volunteer. Without her efforts and generosity, the Springhill Heritage Museum would not exist.

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